2105 Chickasaw Dr.

P.O. Box 565

Circleville Ohio, 43113


Pickaway Senior Center


  • To be eligible for a prize you must be present at the center at the time the names are drawn.

  • You must have the correct guess to win a prize.

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Read the clue to figure out what is for lunch.

Every month is a new theme.

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St. Patrick's Day



Valentine's Day

Shorts and Sandals 

Cant wait to put them on

The temperature is rising, sun is blazing

This weather means winter is gone

Chocalate or Peanut Butter

Either flavor is great

is it candy or desert   lets call it "the great Sweet Debate

One, two, or three layers--Square or rounded

So many types to choose

I like the kind they call pound

"Hot Fudge Cake"


​Lots of Orange in the Patch

Lots of Orange on the Tower

This should be Circleville's nickname

Cause around here this fruit has all the Power

Good for  Breakfast, Good for Dinner

Small or large stacks

Syrup makes this dish a winner
          "Pumkpin Pancakes"


Back to School

Assembled and Constructed,
With my own two hands
Made with a little love,  My own special brand
I am used for my eggs and meat
Season and bake me just right
For a taste that can't be beat
I am made from eggs and plenty of flour
With a good tasting broth
You can serve me at any hour
"Homemade Chicken & Noodles"

Theme:  Back to School

Date: August 24  @ Noon

  • April Showers
  • Halloween
  • Christmas
  • Back to School
  • Summer
  • Fall Festival



Get your spatula and your apron  

 Have plenty of  hot charcoal

Have plenty of hot charcoal

Mastering this type of cooking

Can be a difficult goal

I need to turn my air conditioning up

For those 90 and 100 degree temps

Please bring me fall time

I can't take this weather, I'm such a wimp

Small, medium, large German, Boxer, Pit

Have plenty of treats

For when they rollover and sit

​"Grilled Hot Dog"





                            I'm a popular drink at Christmas 

                             Add some cinnamon or nutmeg

                           Be kind and share with your guests

                             Tis the Season to give not to beg


​                              Soft or Hard

                             With icing or plain

​                             Use a special cutout

                             To make trees or a candy cane

​                           "Egg Nog & Cookies"



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I'm a popular drink at Christmas
Add some cinnamon or nutmeg

Be kind and share with your guests

Tis the Season to give not to beg




Soft or hard

With Icing or plain

Use a special cutout

To make trees or a candy cane

"________" and "___________" 

(3 words)

Clue of the month:

Stitched with Love
Doesn't come from a can

Better than store bought

I am put together

White or Dark   Boneless or Not

I prefer mine as wings

A little spicy & hot


Thick or Thin

A pasta the family loves

Cut them yourself

For you are sure to get lots of hug

"Homemade Chicken & Noodles"



People love me seasoned

Lots of meat, lettuce & tomato

Ring the Bell & fold me up

I can be for here or to go

If dressed properly, I am healthy

I am typically cold

If you don't use me soon 

I turn brown & old

"___________ __________ "

​                                                ( Two words)



Little kids all dressed up

​In their Sunday best

Getting ready for that big hunt

Finding that special egg is the true test

Round or square

The sweetness is all the same

Getting one of these in this WALK

Is such a fun game

"Easter Cake"


May Flowers

​             I'm better than baked or fried

I cause sizzle and smoke

So grab your apron and spatula

Cause this kind of cooking is no joke

The temperature is rising, This humidity is no fun 

We need lots of water

When its 98 degrees in the sun

He is my best friend

going to the park is our favorite walk

He loves and protects me

Sometimes I wish he could talk

"Grilled Hot Dog"


The American Bison Roam in Herds

As of now, the Bills are 6-7

From the NFL that is the official word

White or Dark-With bone or without 

I like mine crispy, Its good for any meal/no  doubt

Every time a bell rings an Angel gets its ___

​​" Buffalo Chicken Wings"

I show my support

And love for my Country

I'm loyal and proud

A true American is who

I always want to be 

Upside down or two-layered

Icing or Not

Should be great

Either homemade or store brought

"Patriotic Cake"


Some say a tomato is this

Some say it is not

Either way it's all good

Whether picked from the farm or store bought

Cubed items on a stick

Can be great for any occasion

Fancy or just on the grill

"___________ __________ "

​                                        (Two words)​

"Fruit  Kabobs"

I am so LUCKY

​                          Now that I have this "four leaf thing"

I love them fried

But sometimes like them baked

Sweet or Sour

Chewy or Hard

Puts lots of this in the Easter Basket

"Irish Potato Candy"