I am a kids playground

Worms love me

I am a huge part of the Earth

I go on forever, as far as the eye can see

Most people have one after dinner

I can be hot or cold

Don't eat to much before bed

You'll get a tummy ache-or so I've been told

"Dirt Dessert "


Some say a tomato is this

Some say it is not

Either way it's all good

Whether picked from the farm or store bought

Cubed items on a stick

Can be great for any occasion

Fancy or just on the grill

​​"Fruit  Kabobs"




May Flowers

​             I'm better than baked or fried

I cause sizzle and smoke

So grab your apron and spatula

Cause this kind of cooking is no joke

The temperature is rising, This humidity is no fun 

We need lots of water

When its 98 degrees in the sun

He is my best friend

going to the park is our favorite walk

He loves and protects me

Sometimes I wish he could talk

"Grilled Hot Dog"

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I'm a popular drink at Christmas
Add some cinnamon or nutmeg

Be kind and share with your guests

Tis the Season to give not to beg




Soft or hard

With Icing or plain

Use a special cutout

To make trees or a candy cane

"________" and "___________" 

(3 words)

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I am a very popular fruit

With so many seeds

Come down to the Show

To see the biggest of me

Make it Round or Square

Two layers or three

Doesn't have to be a special occassion

Just put extra icing for me

​"Pumpkin Cake"


I could be hot or cold

White or Dark

I can come in a wrapper or a box

Just picture Forest Gump, sitting on a bench in the park

Layers and Cups

Sponge, Birthday, Cheese

Food like Angels

Throw in some coffee please

"Chocolate Cake "



​When Danny bought the car  

 He drove it off the lot

The transmission blew up

"Hope there is a law to fight this sale"

Danny thought

I am a small dessert

My fruited filling is sweet

Even though I have no top

I'm still a delicious treat

​"Lemon Tart"





Theme:  May Flowers

Date: May 10 at noon

No Matter what Style

I am cream of the crop

Once you taste us with extra butter

You won't be able to stop

I don't want to be in a shelter

I want to be on your lap

I will always be your best friend

So lets go for a walk, then take a long nap

"___________ __________ "

​                                                ( Two words)

I show my support

And love for my Country

I'm loyal and proud

A true American is who

I always want to be 

Upside down or two-layered

Icing or Not

Should be great

Either homemade or store brought

"Patriotic Cake"





​​If you get scared

You might get called this

But come over for Dinner

Cause my BBQ recipe, you sure dont want to miss

Of the human body

I am the largest

I am an organ with many functions

But no more important than the rest

"Chicken Liver"





Valentine's Day







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Watch me wiggle and jiggle

I am fruited inside

I am great with topping

Serve me thin or extra wide

One, two or three layers

Weddings or Birthdays

Bakeries will decorate them

For you in anyway

"​Fruit Cake"


I'm kind of pig

But I'm also kind of lean

I'm great at breakfast and dinner

Or even snacking in between

Single or Double

Throw that yellow squared item on me

Use bur bread

Either way I am very tasty

"Bacon Cheeseburger "


Pickaway Senior Center

People love me seasoned

Lots of meat, lettuce & tomato

Ring the Bell & fold me up

I can be for here or to go

If dressed properly, I am healthy

I am typically cold

If you don't use me soon 

I turn brown & old

"Taco Salad"


2105 Chickasaw Dr.

P.O. Box 565

Circleville Ohio, 43113


A delicious fruit I truly am

Spongebob Squarepants lives with me

I love Hawaiian pizza

And sometimes on a ham

Is where I like to be

Hot or Cold

 Lattice or not

π  3.141592

Is the great number I've been taught

"___________ __________ "

​                                                ( Two words)