• To be eligible for a prize you must be present at the center at the time the names are drawn.

  • You must have the correct guess to win a prize.


I'm a popular drink at Christmas
Add some cinnamon or nutmeg

Be kind and share with your guests

Tis the Season to give not to beg




Soft or hard

With Icing or plain

Use a special cutout

To make trees or a candy cane

"________" and "___________" 

(3 words)

Clue of the month:

  • April Showers
  • Halloween
  • Christmas
  • Back to School
  • Summer
  • Fall Festival


Make your guess and be entered for a chance to win a prize!

Read the clue to figure out what is for lunch.

Every month is a new theme.

Unlock the



Watch me wiggle and jiggle

I am fruited inside

I am great with topping

Serve me thin or extra wide

One, two or three layers

Weddings or Birthdays

Bakeries will decorate them

For you in anyway

"​Fruit Cake"


I am so seeded

You can admire me on the tower

I am a favorite of the fall time

You don't have to wait till your Birthday

Frosted or Not

 I am treat year round

People love me homemade or store bought

"Pumpkin Cake"







Theme:  End of School

Date: May 30 @ noon

Thanksgiving is my thing

I can be dark or light

My legs are amazing

To get there some people will put up a fight

I am Mexican

Beef, Beans & Cheese

That is how I roll

I'll take two for dinner please

"______  ________    "

​                                                ( Two  words)








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I am like Magenta

I enjoy my home of 64

I am great in a rainbow

But celebrities like my carpet even more

I'm such a material  girl

I have an incredible softness

 I like furniture and curtains

Sew me up, more is better than less

Single or many layers

My wedding or birthday

Homemade is the best

At least that's what I hear people say


                                                "Red Velvet Cake"                                               




May Flowers



Valentine's Day


Back to School

2105 Chickasaw Dr.

P.O. Box 565

Circleville Ohio, 43113


Pickaway Senior Center

A delicious fruit I truly am

Spongebob Squarepants lives with me

I love Hawaiian pizza

And sometimes on a ham

Is where I like to be

Hot or Cold

 Lattice or not

π  3.141592

Is the great number I've been taught

"Pineapple Pie"

​                                                ​

I could be hot or cold

White or Dark

I can come in a wrapper or a box

Just picture Forest Gump, sitting on a bench in the park

Layers and Cups

Sponge, Birthday, Cheese

Food like Angels

Throw in some coffee please

"Chocolate Cake "




I'm kind of pig

But I'm also kind of lean

I'm great at breakfast and dinner

Or even snacking in between

Single or Double

Throw that yellow squared item on me

Use bur bread

Either way I am very tasty

"Bacon Cheeseburger "


My eyes love these

And my rabbit does too

Cold or steamed

These are healthy for me and you

Store bought or homemade

These are always great

Two or Three layers

That is the real debate

"Carrot Cake   "

​                                                ( Two  words)

​​If you get scared

You might get called this

But come over for Dinner

Cause my BBQ recipe, you sure dont want to miss

Of the human body

I am the largest

I am an organ with many functions

But no more important than the rest

"Chicken Liver"


Feeling a little bloated

Or just really full

Packing a child's Christmas stocking to its max

Is a known parents rule

You could adopt them from a patch

This was a great kids toy

This is also pre-sauerkraut

Shred it up for or Bowl full of joy

Wonderful items of dough

Could be Breakfast or Dinner

Homemade or store bought

​These are always a winner

"_______  ____   _______  "

​                                                ( Three  words)

I am preserved in salt

I am cured and so fine

I'm also preserved in water

 Or some would say I am so Brine

Roasted or Ground

it's tough to Beat!!

 Knowing this is for dinner, makes me want to say...

Where's the _______

I like to be chopped
I love being around potatoes
Let's come to an agreement after the discussion
Let's talk about the ideas and see how it goes

"Corned Beef Hash   "





Grab your apron and your spatula

Flip that meat just right

Turn that flame up high

We are eating dinner outside tonight

For the first day of Summer

The temperature is really high

 We need shorts for this kind of weather

The oh my

A retriever of the ball

A true best friend

A walker in the park

He protects and defends

"Grilled Hot Dog"



I grew up in a cluster

So strong on our vine

We don't mind if you step on us

We are like a fine wine

It was so unexpected

Such a bombshell

 Her party is going to be great

Ssshh! Keep it a secret!  Don't tell

"Grape Surprise "